She said how come everyone wants to talk to everyone
else at once

She was sitting cross-legged on her bed while downstairs the party whirred

Some don’t they said
Why do you have to say everyone

A kind of quiet
Every sound appearing on the other side of the lavender walls

Well that’s how it seems

A burst of laughter from the porch like a deck of cards thrown up in the air

What is so funny

And the cards fall, slowly
they are not heavy

They said some people like to learn new things

But why can’t they learn from just a few people
or themselves

Some people do it that way they said
Like you

Clink of a bottle thrown

She said too many people make it hard to listen

Voices through the open windows of the bedroom
High and low pitches

How about you tell me something

What do you want me to tell you

Just one thing
she said
Just you
tell me one thing

Sally Decker is a writer and interdisciplinary artist from Evanston, IL. She will be graduating from Oberlin College in the spring of 2014.