Passing Moments

home’s ragged terrains:

green slopes out the window,

               the leafless sticks of hedges
               observe precise angles,

evening fields melt into furry parcels

on the perimeter of ache:
               the afternoon garden
                          wrought of milky sky.

elsewhere apparitions tumble across the grass
       cloud over thick rosemary

flaming blue

       in between heart beats
words separate in silence,

                        a bright bandana waves

and morning floats up,
unfurls the cries of trees

Jaime Robles published her most recent book of poetry, Hoard, in January 2013 (Shearsman Books). She has produced many artist books, including Loup d’Oulipo (2002) and Letters from Overseas (2010), and her bookworks are in collections at the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley; The Beinecke Library, Yale University; and the Oulipo Archive in Paris, among others. Her poetry and reviews have been published in numerous magazines, among them Agenda, Conjunctions, Jacket2, New American Writing, Shadowtrain and Volt! She recently submitted her doctoral thesis, Dark Lyric: Studying the Subterranean Impulses of Contemporary Poetry, at the University of Exeter, UK.