Talk Therapy

In my dream, an anorexic coed floats in through the window while I’m putting key terms on the board. So much for the presumed benefits of napping! I describe the dream to the therapist the next time I see him. He must’ve been only half-listening because he says, “Explain again why you prefer Fitzgerald to Hemingway.” When I leave, a couple of overaged delinquents, one with a cigarette tucked like a pencil behind his ear, are sunning themselves on the low wall outside the building. An attractive blonde stops me in the parking lot to tell me she’s psychic. She never mentions that by the time I get home, the woodchucks will have decapitated more flowers.

Howie Good, a journalism professor at SUNY New Paltz, is the author of the forthcoming poetry collection The Middle of Nowhere (Olivia Eden Publishing) and the forthcoming poetry chapbooks The Complete Absence of Twilight (Mad Hat Press), Echo’s Bones and Danger Falling Debris (Red Bird Chapbooks), and An Armed Man Lurks in Ambush (unbound CONTENT).