Editor's Eye

Editor's Eye returns! The Editor's Eye category provides thoughtful, gentle, and detailed suggestions and comments on how to make one's work stand out and become even stronger.

The nomimal fee is 80.00 USD for:
Up to 5 poems OR 750 words (or fewer) of short fiction or nonfiction. (Word count could include several microfictions.)

Your work will be read carefully.

How to proceed: Send an email to Alisa Golden: editor (at) star82review (dot) com with a brief note about your project. I will let you know if I can look at it and give you a secure Square link, where you can pay. Once payment has been received, you can send the work. You will receive my comments within two weeks.

These submitters paid a fee for a professional critique, and here are some of their responses.

These comments are fantastic; more useful than several classes I've taken in poetry. You're very good!! Thank you so much! I will consider your suggestions and thank you for the direction. I've been wanting, for years now, for someone to explain to me what my poems are either doing or not doing in terms of "working." Just priceless. 


Thank  you for your very insightful comments on my poems. It’s so helpful to find out where the reader gets lost! The dangers of living in one’s own head, I guess.


Thank you so much for all your feedback; it is chalk [sic] full of good ideas and I really appreciate your thoroughness. I'm pretty prolific but I'm an awful reviser, but this gave me a lot of different directions to go.


Thanks so much for your encouraging words and your right-on insight! I will indeed take your thoughts to heart and resubmit to your regular submissions.


Thank you for the correction/review of my poems. I am very grateful and honored. I have never received such a detailed, well-combed review of my work before now and for this I say thank you again.


(Second submission) I really liked the extremely thorough and insightful feedback you provided following my last submission in this category, and so I'm sure that anything you have to say will be helpful.