I'm in a Rush (from Correspondences)

I’m in a rush this morning. I’m outraged.
Why not run with it?
You tell her that I’m a doctor of Cosmic Energy, and then when I meet her I’ll tell her     that I’m a doctor of Cosmic Energy.
I am guessing it meets with some opposition in some circles.
The tactical efforts of the foot traffic show the limitations of the strategy.
You know what’s happening, what has recently happened and what is likely to happen     in the near future
I would say, without resorting to any empirical testing, certainly so.
We’ll just have to see how that part of it works out.
Since what makes them work, always, are the constellations of activities that     surround them.
Conversely, there is no room for tactics in a long format tournament style game,     you’ll just get ground to a pulp.
I’ll try to beef up my enemy-making skills in the future.
But last night I took Benadryl and got a full night’s sleep so the world is a
    different color today.
It’s really pretty simple once it’s all set up.
How much notice will you need?

John Lowther’s work appears in the anthologies, The Lattice Inside (UNO Press, 2012) and Another South: Experimental Writing in the South (U of Alabama, 2003). Held to the Letter, co-authored with Dana Lisa Young is forthcoming from Lavender Ink. John works in video, photography, paint and performance. His dissertation-in-progress tries to reimagine psychoanalysis with intersex and transgender lives as pointers toward our ever-expanding subjective potential. For the moment he lives in Burlington, N.C. Each line in his piece was written by a different email correspondent; many poets’ prose was poached, rearranged, and shaped slightly to create this found, or rather “addressed” poem, created while cleaning out personal email ahead of a swift termination date at an old job.